[Interview] International Model Metisha


International Model Metisha is really a beautiful sight. I can’t believe I snagged an interview with her. She was somewhere overseas not even in the United States when we began talking. You best believe no matter where she goes she is causing a car accident. lol. But would you believe that she turns guys down left and right even when they are telling her she doesn’t have to work anymore for the rest of her life?! Well believe it because she works hard for her money and needs no man. She even goes into detail on how she keeps her body looking as great as it is. Going to the gym 5 times a week will get you the Tisha Stomach as I like to call it. Read our interview below to get to know her better and learn a few of her secret beauty secrets.

Twitter: @Metisha
Instagram: @Metisha
Website: http://www.metishaschaefer.com/

Chlea: What would you say defines Metisha?

Metisha: My German work ethic and my ethnicity (Culture). Discipline/hard work/Passion

Chlea: You’re absolutely beautiful and exotic. What is your ethnicity?

Metisha: I am Egyptian/Turkish and thank you for your kind words.

Chlea: Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

Metisha: I am originally from Germany and it’s a very disciplined Country. With many Morals. Besides that it’s very, very cold.


Chlea: What’s something exclusive about you that none of your fans would guess?

Metisha: hmmmmm I think a lot of people don’t know that I Speak 5 languages and that I love Philosophical Books.

Chlea: What is the funniest or most annoying thing a guy has done or said to try and date you?

Metisha: The most annoying thing was that a guy said I would never have to work again in my life! I love to work.

Chlea: Your body is amazing! Is there any room in that stomach for fried foods and snacks? What do you love to eat?

Metisha: Hahhaha thank you I do cheat like everyone else. My biggest weakness is good Chocolate.

Chlea: Do you have any secret beauty or fitness tips that you can share with us?

Metisha: My biggest fitness tip is clean eating/exercising and fat burner from 1 up nutrition and they can get 20% off with my code Metisha20.

Chlea: Tell us about your relationship with 1 Up Nutrition..

Metisha: I am sponsored by 1UpNutrition but I would not Promote any supplement that I am not 100% convinced off.

Chlea: How often do you work out and what motivates you to keep going so hard?

Metisha: I work out 5 times a week, working out is like Meditation to me. After a hard day of work it’s my Desert of the Day.


Chlea: What are some of your favorite beauty products?

Metisha: I love all products from Neova and Make up (Mac)

Chlea: How did you break into the modeling industry?

Metisha: With hard work, dedication, and I pushed for being respected more then being admired.

Chlea: What has been your best experience thus far in your career?

Metisha: My best experience was to film my short movie that I wrote . Priceless.


Chlea: Which do you prefer, photo shoots or music videos & why?

Metisha: Anything where I can be creative. With music videos I am very picky . My Manager makes sure the concept of the video will maintain my image

Chlea: How has Social Media influenced your career?

Metisha: I think thru Social Media people get to see more of a personable side to me which helped elevate my career.

Chlea: So what is next for Metisha?

Metisha: Right now my main Focus is Acting and i have some exciting Shoots with Huge Major Magazines. And maybe u can see me on big screen soon.


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