[Interview] Professional Dancer Remy Fox


It’s everyone’s favorite hipster chick Remy Fox. You either love her because of her sick moves on the dance floor or hate her because you can’t be her, either way you know her face and that body. Take a look at the below text to get to know her better.

Instagram: @remyfox
Twitter: @remydelfox
Tumblr: chokebitches.tumblr.com

Chlea: What are some things that best describe Remy Fox as a person?

Remy Fox: The best things that can describe me as a person are probably bubbly, funny and I can turn into a bitch of needed.

Chlea: Now how old are you actually because there is no way your 13? Lol

Remy Fox: ———

Chlea: You’re badd as shit! What’s your race/ethnicity?

Remy Fox: I am full Mexican !

Chlea: What was it like growing up where you’re from?

Remy Fox: It was really suburban areas, we moved a lot, but it was similar nothing crazy. My dad did have a farm so that was fun.


Chlea: On Twitter your name displays as Beyonce’s Weave… What was the inspiration for that and what does Beyonce mean to you? It’s genius!

Remy Fox: It came to me just cause she gets the most fabulous weaves ever, like those weaves are goals to me. Hahaha

Chlea: Now I love your style. How do you decide what you’re going to put on each day?

Remy Fox: The way I go on picking an outfit, I say to my self “Would the 2000 J.Lo wear this?”

Chlea: Do you have any favorite designers or favorite stores to shop at?

Remy Fox: My current favorite stores to shop at are V Files, Opening Ceremony, Goodwill, The Swapmeet, and Ebay. You find gems in those spots.


Chlea: I’m absolutely obsessed with your modeling work. Do you sometimes feel as though your being too provocative for a mom?

Remy Fox: People like to say “You’re not Kim Kardashian so put clothes on.” but I don’t get what that’s means. Cause, is she the only mom in the world allowed to take provocative photos like that? And who cares on what I do it’s not like I’m showing my son the photos or he’s there watching. He’s 3 years old. I don’t think anything I do online should matter or define me as a mother, that goes for any mother or father.

Chlea: Do you model professionally or just for fun and promotion?

Remy Fox: I don’t really call myself a model. It’s not what I wanna’ be known for. I only “model” for my friends that are photographers and just to have fun and express myself.

Chlea: When did your love for dancing first begin?

Remy Fox: I’ve been in ballet since age 3. I have taken several different types of dance. I have gotten scholarships cause’ of it. So since birth my love for dancing came out.

Chlea: I know you are trained in other dance genres besides twerking..Do you think twerking has or will become an actual “dance genre” like ballet or lyrical dance for instance and what dance genres are you trained in?

Remy Fox: Twerking is here to stay forever. It’s beginning to have classes to teach you how to twerk, which is crazy to me. I can’t believe it went this far.


Chlea: What do you normally drink before you perform on each show?

Remy Fox: Debbie always gets Champagne in her rider, but I’m more of a Henny and Coke type of gal.

Chlea: So this tour life… What is the craziest or most memorable moment that has happened while you have been on tour?

Remy Fox: Tour life is so fun. You get to see different cities, states, towns, and see how they live. It’s a great experience for me. The craziest thing on tour for me was when we got snowed in NYC and my crazy ass went out every night, even during a snow storm.


Chlea: Do you feel as though your career has benefited from dancing on Tour for Lil Debbie?

Remy Fox: My career was already going but Debbie asking me to be her dancer helped boost it up faster. It’s nice to see women support one another.

Chlea: I read a past interview where you said you vomited on Drake’s foot backstage at a concert. How does this even happen?!

Remy Fox: Being next to drake was a totally random night. My friend and I were backstage for
The Weeknds show and Drake is there in full on dad gear and I was so nervous, I drank different alcohols and puked haha.


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