[Interview] Artist Nena Kellar


Nena Kellar is truly a California Sweetheart. Her beautiful face just screams sunshine and palm trees. I haven’t even met her personally but her energy is out of this world. Looking at her you’d never guess that she has been playing soccer for 10 years and her dream was to play professionally. Keep reading to learn about her upbringing and how to achieve her flawless look.

Chlea: How would you define Nena Kellar?

Nena: I’m a stylish visionary, creative, artistic, hard working, reserved old soul. I get satisfaction from taking on several difficult projects at once and I’m a perfectionist in all aspects.

Chlea: What was is like growing up in California for you?

Nena: I love California. I grew up in the Inland Empire, which is basically close to everything…about an hour and a half or less each way. California is just a great place to be in general. You get every season and the people are so chill.

Chlea: You’re absolutely gorgeous! What’s your ethnicity?

Nena: You’re so sweet. I’m half black and half white with Italian/Irish on my mother’s side and Barbadian on my dad’s side.

Chlea: The world is OBSESSED with your hair! Lol. So am I. But I must ask you… How do you feel about your hair?

Nena: I used to absolutely hate my hair actually. Growing up, I would straighten it every day to the point where my friends and classmates didn’t even know I had curls. I can remember waking up literally hours before school just to do it. I would only wear it natural on the weekends when I wasn’t around my friends. Now that I look back on it, I think it’s really sad that I was that ashamed to just be natural and be myself. Mothers always come up to me asking me what products I use because they have daughters with the same hair who straighten it/don’t know how to deal with it etc. It’s a learning experience… I see girls with curly hair more now than I did back then. It’s really about embracing who you are and what God has given you and that’s something you can’t force. It has to come from within. Now I love my hair and I can see that it really does set me apart from others, and for that I’m thankful 🙂


Chlea: What’s something about you that your fans/followers would be surprised to know?

Nena: People don’t know that I played soccer for 10 years (including AYSO, Travel/club and varsity high school). When I was younger it was my dream to be a professional player for the US women’s team just like Mia Hamm. I remember meeting her and my life was changed forever. I was badly injured and I stopped playing. I miss it all the time 😦

Chlea: Your lashes are ahh-maze-inggg!! What mascara do you use?

Nena: Ahhh! I’ve been using this Lancome sample believe it or not. I was given a tester with one of my purchases and fell in love with it. It’s called Sumptuous Extreme.

Chlea: What beauty product can you not leave the house with and why?

Nena: I literally never leave my house without chap stick. I’ve been using EOS blueberry/ pomegranate. I like to take Sephora blotting papers with me as well to get rid of occasional shine.

Chlea: You’re makeup is very natural. For people that are trying to achieve a similar look, what products do you use?

Nena: I use Dior flawless finish liquid foundation, MAC studio fix powder, MAC “Sweet as Cocoa” blush and my Sonia Kashuk eyebrow pencil (from Target). I also use a Laura Geller concealer under my eyes to brighten up my face. I don’t like the look of caked-on make up and I never wear eye shadow. I don’t switch up my make up very often besides my shade of lipstick. I love when girls do though, I think it’s brave to wear bright pink or yellow eye shadow lol. It just isn’t for me.


Chlea: Givenchy or Chanel and why??????

Nena: That’s such a difficult question… I LOVE both, but I guess I would have to go with Chanel because it’s a classic. Something about those double C’s… I would much rather carry a Chanel bag than a Givenchy one if I had to choose. There’s something so timeless and elegant about it because Coco Chanel really catered to the women’s taste.

Chlea: What are some of your favorite places to shop at?

Nena: I am a sucker for online shopping… ASOS, Miss Guided, Sorella, Nastygal. I also love to shop at Zara and occasionally Forever 21 when I need something cheap and basic.


Chlea: How has Social Media impacted your life?

Nena: Social Media is amazing when you use it the right way. It has given me the opportunity to connect and stay in touch with people from all over the world. As corny as it sounds, I’ve made some of the greatest friends from social media. I think that’s what I value most. I guess being recognized by people I don’t know and being able to share with them my thoughts and experiences is pretty cool too. It has really been a creative platform for me and I want to continue to use it in the future for networking.

Chlea: If you don’t call yourself a model, what would you call yourself?

Nena: I’m still discovering who I am and who I want to be. I would say I’m a student…artist…visionary. I will be earning my Bachelor’s Degree very soon. From there I would love to maybe do some modeling, get into fashion, have my own art show or maybe do some creative direction. Those are my main goals for the time being.

Chlea: Anything that we can look forward to from you in the future?

Nena: Yes!!! I will be putting more of my art out there… both physically in the world and on social media. I have not yet opened up that chapter of my life to many people. It’s something that I find very personal but it is coming and I want to make a big impact in that way.


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