[Interview] Model Yanis Valeriano


The Honduran model and actress Yanis Valeriano is always working hard. Whether she’s in the gym working on that body or on set at a photo shoot you can’t dismiss her work ethic. She’s truly a happy, positive spirited person. I happen to even know her personally. We met on set of a photo shoot one day and immediately got along. If you want to have her heart you better have your mind right, because flashiness does not impress her what so ever. Breaking into the modeling industry may sound easy but don’t get it twisted, practice makes perfect. She made sure she had her facial expressions, posing, and confidence right before she headed to an agency. Yanis takes us into her life on how she became the model she is today, what she does to maintain it, and what she has coming next!

Instagram: @yanisvaleriano
Twitter: @yanisvaleriano
Tumblr: curlyheadgyal.tumblr.com

Chlea: How would you define Yanis Valeriano?

Yanis: I would define myself as ever-evolving, spiritually growing, kind-hearted individual. I try to learn as much as I can about myself & others as much as possible to get a better understanding of the world I live in & try to think of how I can make an influence to have an impact on other people where we can live in a better place.

Chlea: I’m absolutely obsessed with your Bambi eyes! What race are you?

Yanis: I’m 100% Hispanic both of my parents are Honduran.

Chlea: Take us threw a regular Saturday for Yanis..

Yanis: None of my days are regular I never know what to expect it ranges from a laid back sitting on the couch not doing a thing to having a casting then having to work & then hosting at a nightclub later that evening.

Chlea: What’s your workout regimen or are you just blessed with that body?

Yanis: lol I’ve naturally always been small but I try to workout at least 3 times a week so I can be toned & defined.


Chlea: Your curly locks are amazing! What’s your beauty secret to achieve such amazing locks?

Yanis: Right now I use a lot of Shea Moisture line products & mix some coconut oil. My favorite item would be my Tresemme Split Remedy Serum, great for reducing split ends. I also take trips to the hair salon & trim my split ends as needed.

Chlea: What’s the best way for a guy to grab your attention?

Yanis: First, he needs to be himself not trying to show off or try to impress me with his materialistic items. Usually what grabs my attention is his intelligence love a guy with substance & not just an attractive exterior.


Chlea: How did you first break in to the modeling industry?

Yanis: Did a few test shots & worked on my posing & facial expressions, When I felt confident in my portfolio I contacted an agency, they set up a meeting with me & I presented what I had & got signed.

Chlea: How do you usually prepare for your photo shoots?

Yanis: I’ll make sure not to eat too much or foods that will make my stomach look unflattering.

Chlea: Who do you admire in the industry and why?

Yanis: I admire Candice Swanepoel. She makes modeling look so effortless. Her posing & expressions with different genres of modeling is just divine. The way she exudes sex appeal in such a classy & tasteful way. The best model overall.


Chlea: I know you have been in a few music videos, can you name them?

Yanis: Worked in videos with DJ Khaled, Drake, Ace Hood, JBar, JRand, T-Pain, & Flo-Rida & a few upcoming artists as well.

Chlea: Now this Set Life.. Is it for everybody? A lot of girls would love to be in your position, tell us about it.. Is it as bad or good as we hear it is?

Yanis: Set life is bittersweet you have to be dedicated to your craft. If your heart isn’t in it, it’s not for you. You can be on set from 3-12 hours depending on how big the production is & how many scenes need to be shot.

Chlea: How did you first get involved in music videos?

Yanis: I got a casting from one of the agencies I was signed to & it took off from there.


Chlea: Christmas is literally right around the corner, doing anything special for the holidays?

Yanis: I plan on spending time with my family probably out of town. I love to travel so why not get the best of both worlds.

Chlea: To aspiring models what advise can you give to them?

Yanis: If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. There’s a lot of scam artists & people that will try to take advantage of you so stay on your toes loves!

Chlea: So what can we except to see from Yanis in the future?

Yanis: Well just to give a little insider I’m working on acting as well, so I’m working on a few projects including shoots right now so stay tuned!

Chlea: Anything you’d like to add…

Yanis: Just want to thank anyone that supports my craft, stay blessed. One love.


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