[Interview] Fashion & Personal Style Blogger Susanne Jonsson


Would you believe me if I told you that Fashion & Personal Style Blogger Susanne Jonsson moved all the what from Sweden to Los Angeles, California by herself with one goal in mind. Talk about a real risk taker, because that takes guts. Her style is always on point mixing big named brands with the smaller ones. Best believe she always looks like she’s worth a whole money bag though. Working for Nialaya Jewelry, her wrists and fingers stay icy. I must admit she’s not bad to look at either in the face. Be sure to check out her Blog and Instagram for style inspiration and read our interview below where she shares with us her fashion tips and lifestyle, and boy oh boy is she living th good life!

Instagram: @susannejonsson
Twitter: @_susannejonsson
Website: http://www.croptopia.me/

Chlea: How would a loved one describe you as a person?

Susanne: Fun, silly, determined, competitive, and maybe sometimes a little too honest J

Chlea: How old are you?

Susanne: 25

Chlea: How well did you transition with relocating from Sweden to LA?

Susanne: I always knew that I didn’t want to stay in Sweden my whole life. I moved to LA by myself at 20 years old without knowing anyone here. But I quickly met some amazing people who showed me around the city and I fell in love with it. It took a while to get used to the culture and speaking a different language, but moving to LA was the best decision of my life.

Chlea: What’s your favorite thing about living in LA?

Susanne: My favorite thing about LA is that it’s a big city, yet so calm and quite with a lot of beautiful nature. Unless you’re on the 405 of course 😛


Chlea: What’s a typical Sunday like for you?

Susanne: A typical Sunday for me usually starts at Alfred Coffee with my boyfriend. After that, we check out the farmer’s market on Melrose Place, go shopping, go for a trip somewhere, go hiking, or just chill at our favorite spots in LA. I’m definitely the type of person who can’t sit at home all day. I like to get out and enjoy my day to the fullest 🙂

Chlea: Do you work in the fashion industry or is it that the world is just your Runway? Lol.

Susanne: Hehe, yes I would say that the world is my runway 😉 I definitely see my blog as a job, but I also work for a jewelry company called Nialaya Jewelry, where I handle the PR and social media.


Chlea: When do you think your love for crop tops began?

Susanne: It began a couple years ago. My friend Michaela gave me a croptop that she was selling on her webshop, and I ended up wearing it waay to often, lol. I was modeling at the time and I would wear a crop top to all of my castings. It just became my most favorite thing to wear 🙂

Chlea: Who’s your style icon and why?

Susanne: I really like Miranda Kerr’s style. It’s cute, feminine, trendy, and minimalistic without being too simple.


Chlea: What beauty item can you not leave the house with?

Susanne: Concealer, dark circles are my biggest enemy, lol

Chlea: Who’s your favorite high end designer?

Susanne: Right now, Isabel Marant. I want all her shoes and boots this Fall and Winter.

Chlea: What’s the best advise your could give a girl that is having a hard time finding a New Years Eve outfit?

Susanne: As always, dress after your body type. Personally, I like to dress in something a little more exciting for New Year’s Eve. Either sequins, sheer fabrics, cut-outs, high slits, etc. But pick ONE of these, a sequin dress with cut-outs for example can sometimes look a little cheap. Less is more 😉


Chlea: What are some of your favorite places to recommend visiting while in Vegas for New Years Eve?

Susanne: My favorite thing to do in Vegas is to eat, lol. Last year I went to TAO for dinner and it was amazing. Clubbing is fun if you’re with a bunch of your friends. This year I’m going with my family and we’re going to the Britney Spears show at Planet Hollywood. Last year, we spent all New Years day in the spa at The Aria. I can definitely recommend that. Perfect after a long night out 🙂

Chlea: Your blog showcases that you know how to even eat in style! What are some of your favorite LA Hot Spots?

Susanne: Hehe, I do eat out a lot and I have a bunch of favorite places in LA. I love Gracias Madre for a chill night with my girlfriends – they have a beautiful patio. Mauros Café at Fred Segal has the best salads, AOC on 3rd street is super pretty and have delicious small plates, perfect for sharing. Another favorite for dinner is Pache on Laurel Canyon, it has a super cool vibe and the best Smoked Salmon Pizza.


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