[Interview] Entrepeneur & Jewelry Designer Vanessa of Juwelenbyv


When I first reached out to Vanessa I was very pleased that she was very enthusiastic about being featured. One thing that I admire much about her is that she is fearless. She turned her hobby into her life! Something that I believe everyone in life should try to do. Don’t worry about the money, the money will come, just focus on what your passionate about. Vanessa speaks on her successful growing business below. Be sure to check out her website, her items are to die for. This interview was made to inspire woman that you too can do anything.

Instagram: @juwelenbyv
Twitter: @juwelenbyv

Chlea: What is your ethnicity? You’re absolutely beautiful.

Vanessa: Thank you So much . I am Dominican of Descent. Born in New York City. Both my parents were born in Santo Domingo. My paternal great grandfather was from the Netherlands.

Chlea: Take us threw a typical Thursday night for you?

Vanessa: A typical Thursday night is getting home after a 2 hour commute to work on my designs, pack orders and plan for the next day. Never a dull moment!


Chlea: Are you creating a New Year Resolution?

Vanessa: I never have a New Year’s resolution but I am resolved to nurture my business therefore I have monthly goals that I work on to help me focus and stay on track.

Chlea: How would you describe your personal style?

Vanessa: I would describe my style as casual and easy. I wear lots of jewelry and shiny stones, I wear my bracelets, necklaces and other pieces. I always wear one statement piece of jewelry; it’s usually something that I specifically created. I am quite busty. Most of the times I wear loose tops with jeans, on days where I want to feel more comfortable I wear my black leggings, my favorite hehe. I hardly ever wear slacks; I think they don’t really appeal to me. My hair is always long, sometimes wavy, sometimes curly or straight. I don’t know how I’d define my style all I know is, whatever bag i carry is ALWAYS designer. Oh and my sun glasses too. I would love to know my style… but for now it’s unknown and it may change. My style icons would be Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez I don’t really imitate any of them, because I don’t want to look like them, I But i ‘ like them both id rather just look like me. So I end up mixing and matching different styles that let me shine through.

Chlea: What is a huge “makeup don’t” in your mind?

Vanessa: Defiantly not a crooked eyeliner


Chlea: What is the story behind your brands name?

Vanessa: Juwelen mean Jewelry in Dutch?? I chose this name to honor my Dutch ancestors/background.

Chlea: My favorite pieces are the “Thank You for Being Beside” necklace and the Buddha bracelets, what is your favorite piece thus far?

Vanessa: You know Honestly my Favorites are The Druzy stone pieces I love that stone.


Chlea: How long has your accessory business been established?

Vanessa: It started out as a hobby. Juwelen is 4 years old. Formerly, for a little over 2 years.

Chlea: What were some struggles that you faced when beginning your own accessory line?

Vanessa: Funding definitely a very big obstacle. Lack of information.

Chlea: Do you make the accessory pieces yourself or are they manufactured?

Vanessa: Most of my pieces are my own creation other times I offer the latest trends in jewelry through my business with the intent to posting the lasted styles. (don’t know if you want to say this but think about it)


Chlea: How has social media impacted your brand?

Vanessa: Social media has helped me greatly! I started posting on Facebook and had some success marketing my designs but once I subscribed to Instagram my followers grew and it became clear to me that people were noticing my style and what I had to offer. I am thrilled because of them I am able to live my dream to create and have the satisfaction of knowing that real people wear them.

Chlea: Any advice for young entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own business in jewelry?

Vanessa: Follow your dream. Even when you failed you’ve won. There is always something to learn, new people to meet, new alliances, experiences good and not so good that help to grow as a person.

Chlea: Anything you would like to add…

Vanessa: I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for choosing me to be part of your project and i wish you much success!!


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