[Interview] Writer & Poet Dyme Taylor


The name Dyme Taylor within its self is utterly sexy and then you see her photographs and your mouth just drops. I’m sure she has men and women just waking up every day wishing they could run into her, just to gaze at her beauty and ask her where did she come from. Her look and energy is literally out of this world! She’s super sweet too. I swear I just wanna take her on a date to a pizza shop shop and then smoke her out. lol. She has very dynamic and cool parts of her. She could hang out with one of the guys and talk about Dragon Ball Z and then leave and go to the Nail Salon with one of her home girls. She’s clearly a down ass chick. Super smart at that, she has created her very own book ‘Aphrodisiac Scorpio Season‘ showcasing 9 of her own personal poems, which we discuss below. Dyme get’s into delph as to what the inspiration is behind her book, herself, and soul.

Chlea: How would you describe yourself?

Dyme: Overly Passionate, Loyal and a Scorpio feminist.

Chlea: What would you classify as your best strength and why?

Dyme: Expressing myself; it was just a gift God gave me, nobody can take my ability to express my mind body and soul away. Nobody has that power over what God has blessed me with.


Chlea: When have you been most satisfied in your life?

Dyme: What if I wasn’t yet. I know when I start my family I will be. I know when my career is higher than the expected peak, I’ll be satisfied.

Chlea: Why do you love Bulma from Dragon Ball Z so much? Do you feel like you identify with her and if you do how so?

Dyme: Bulma was so dope, and smart. HA & CLEARLY LOYAL cuhs she was there since day 1. I just love that she was needed so much, and she didn’t bitch a lot like ChiChi. I feel like I identify with Bulma because she changed her appearance so much. They had her steelo on 100. And not to mention how witty I am, I could’ve been a scientist if I wanted (well…).


Chlea: I love the colored box braids and how you add barrettes and beads to them for an added extra favor. Shows you enjoy taking risks. Have you always been this way with your style and how would you say your style has evolved to where it is now?

Dyme: Yeah. I’ve shaved my head twice within 2 years. My style has developed with my confidence. Now I can do whatever and not care, but in high school, I wore all preppy shit cuhs I went to a white ass high school. I mean I was a cutie but now u couldn’t catch me in Abercrombie or Sperry’s. Now I’m on my cyber prince$$/ bohemian shit.

Chlea: Who or what influences your style or swag? Have you always been so edgy?

Dyme: I feel like my steelo is from like the 90s. I love Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot, and Lil Kim. When I listen to them I get a confidence boost. I get a confirmation that who I am is tight as fuck. Cuhs they tight as fuck. Kelis too, but only Wanderland Kelis.

I’m sure I have been, my childhood was edgy.

Chlea: I’ve viewed a lot of photo shoots from you and I am so very impressed with your work. Your body is amazing!! You do a lot of nude or implied nude shoots. What makes you so comfortable in your skin?

Dyme: I was born this way, u know? I don’t remember wearing clothes when I was younger, unless I was going outside. It wasn’t until I started growing breast that I started wrapping my towel around my underarms, before I would just wrap it around my waist like boys do. HAHA looking back that shit was fly.

But I don’t know I feel like every man and woman should embrace their body how ever they please. All I know is that everything I have all women have and that’s the beauty of it. The female anatomy is purely impeccable in the right eyes. I choose to embrace it.


Chlea: I love how you have managed to integrate your modeling with your poetry. Was that always the plan?

Dyme: No it wasn’t the plan, originally I was just taking pictures cuhs that’s how I would express myself, I use to be in love with photography and I had a tripod so I would just use myself as the subject. I wouldn’t call myself a model, just a writer. I take dope pictures thou huh, that’s just another form of me expressing my body and soul. I’m not signed or anything. I just enjoy coming up with themes and concepts. If I had someone to model I wouldn’t had used me so much.

Chlea: When did your love for poetry first spark?

Dyme: In 10th grade when I met my first love, I couldn’t focus in class, I just wanted to write poems all damn day. Maybe they was corny but I remember Thanksgiving that year, I wrote my first poem to my parents, and it was my first GOOD ass poem. I had put the paper down and went to go grab food, and my nosey ass brother picked up and read it. When I got back he was like “Wow, Dyme, u really are an angry person”. Hahaha, that’s when I knew my words were real. Cuhs my brother didn’t have that much sense, but he sensed the right feeling from my poem.

Chlea: When you’re about to sit down and write, what gets your creative juices flowing?


some adderal if I’m bout it.


Chlea: Please tell us about your first book Aphrodisiac Scorpio Season?

Dyme: The original book is 9 poems and 9 illustrations, but I’ve made a slight change and took 1 poem out. Still the same amount of pages, I just put a shout out in there for those who are reading. McFresh Creates, who’s my business partner really delivered his art well. It’s tight cuhs it’s not hard for us to understand each other, we been working together for sometime now, I’m grateful for the chance he gave me.

The poems pretty much define who I am, why I am, and what I really am compared to what I’m labelled as. I hope to defeat the double standards in society by just being myself and giving my art out.

Chlea: How did you come up with the title and what does it mean to you?

Dyme: Since I’m such a sexual person and comfortable with it I just try to make people eat it up (see… what I’m saying) like most of the things I say and do can come off sexual, that title was just perfect. I can only embrace who I am as a person. And it released during Scorpio season.


Chlea: What’s your favorite poem in your book and why?

Dyme: Vanity Slave, because it expresses self love without needing a man’s touch.

Chlea: Can we find you anywhere working an Open Mic Night?

Dyme: No 🙂 maybe one day, u know?

Chlea: What can we as fans look forward to in the future from Dyme Taylor?

Dyme: Just some futuristic shit, I’m like ahead of my time somehow, so I don’t know if I’m quite understood yet.


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