[Interview] Fashion Blogger Dawne Aliza


To get to know Dawne Aliza you’d be very surprised to learn that this beautiful woman is a nurse. Let me tell ya’ id love to have to go to the hospital and wake up to see her giving me IVs asking me how I’m feeling. Lol. I know I’m not alone on this one. You may recognize her from being a Bellami Hair Affiliate or from her fashion blog. Learn some of her beauty and style secrets, along with what she has planned next.

Instagram: @dawne_aliza
Twitter: @dawnealiza
Website: http://www.touchofdawne.com

Chlea: If you were any type of food based off your personality what would you be and why?

Dawne: That’s a hard one. I think I would probably be dessert. Colorful and sweet.

Chlea: Do you have any new year resolutions?

Dawne: Eat healthier and go to the gym more. Also try new things to challenge me. Sometimes we get too comfortable in daily routines that we aren’t challenged anymore.

Chlea: You’re well traveled for sure. What is your favorite place that you have visited and why?

Dawne: My favorite place I have visited is probably Paris . So much to do, see and eat of course. I am such a hopeless romantic and being there was just like the movies. I can’t wait to go back.

Chlea: Beauty product you can’t leave the house with..

Dawne: Hair tie. I usually end up wearing it up ESP if I am at work.


Chlea: How did you first get involved with Bellami Hair and tell us about your relationship with the hair extension company?

Dawne: I posted a picture using their extensions and the rest was history. I am a bellami hair affiliate and have been for some time now. I have tried many extension brands but by far Bellami is my favorite. I only promote things I truly love and use of course.

Chlea: You mentioned on your blog that your Instagram followers inspired you to create your blog, how so?

Dawne: I would post pictures and get constant questions of where did you get that top, you should make a YouTube or blog so I decided that having a blog would be a creative challenge.

Chlea: You seem to never have a bad fashion day. How do you normally keep yourself updated on the latest trends and staying flawless?

Dawne: Oh I have bad fashion days all the time. Magazines, the Internet and Instagram. All this media that surrounds us it’s hard not to see what the latest trends are.


Chlea: How do you feel about girls that wear an excessive amount of makeup while in the gym?

Dawne: To each is own I say. If you feel more confident with makeup on while at the gym kudos to you. Everyone is going to have an opinion of you all that matters is how you feel.

Chlea: What is a pet peeve of yours when it comes to fashion and beauty?

Dawne: Pet peeve? That’s a hard one. I think fashion and beauty is a hit or miss. There’s no set rules Because sometimes we break them as trends come and go. Is playing it too safe a pet peeve? Try pushing yourself out of your comfort level sometimes. It’s worth the risk.

Chlea: For someone who is shopping on a budget but is obsessed with high fashion where could you recommend them to shop?

Dawne: I love shopping on a budget! I usually shop at Forever 21, Urban Behavior, Missguided, ASOS. Most of my clothes are not from high fashion stores just because I do like keeping up with trends. You don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to feel and look a million bucks 😉

Chlea: Your defiantly attached to the words beauty & fashion. What does it take to become your own brand?

Dawne: That is something I am still learning. Having a fan base/followers help and appealing and keeping them interested is key I believe. Having a strong sense of self and conveying that through media is important.


Chlea: Being a nurse I know you went threw college. Any tricks or lessons that you can share with us that helped you stay in style while in school?

Dawne: I wish I could say I stayed in style while in school. Maybe on the weekends but during school I just wore what was comfortable and beauty tricks that were quick and easy.

Chlea: While at work are you still done up to the T?

Dawne: At work at the hospital I rarely wear makeup and usually wear my hair my natural curly texture in a ponytail. I work with people with mental illness many of which live on the streets. I want to maintain a professional boundary at all times and don’t feel the need to be done to a t.

Chlea: Would you quit being a nurse for a period of time to focus more on your beauty & fashion brand?

Dawne: If the opportunity presented itself that I could do that and could support my living expenses then yes of course.

Chlea: Anything else that you would like to touch on…

Dawne: Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I would just like to say thank you to all my followers. Being smart and intelligent is beautiful and sexy. You can have both beauty and brains. Yes I love being a nurse and love dressing up and the world of fashion. We are not made to just stick to one thing. I think it’s important to dabble in many things and have fun doing it.


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