[Interview] Singer & Model Louise Chantál


Louise Chantál embodies the pure innocence of an angel and the classic raw sexiness of Marilyn Monroe. A deadly combination to say the least, but you know for a fact it works for her! I’m sure it must be hard for any man to say no to her. Hailing from London and based in the popular New York City where she attends school, Louise Chantál collaborates with many while pursing her music and modeling. The self proclaimed Princess of Aranbi has a voice that will have you memorized with lyrics that will change your emotions. It was amazing to find out, she writes her own music. Get to know her better by reading our fun interview below.

Twitter: @imLouiseChantal
Instagram: @imLouiseChantal
Tumblr: @imLouiseChantal
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/imlouisechantal

Chlea: Louise Chantal, who is she in actuality?

Louise Chantál: Louise Chantál is a creative from London. I mainly sing and song write. I also go to NYU.

Chlea: You’re obviously beautiful, what is it that your race/nationality?

Louise Chantál: I am British, Guyanese, Bajan, and French.

Chlea: What’s something about you that your fans would be shocked to know?

Louise Chantál: I am one of six siblings.


Chlea: Are you more interested in your modeling or your singing career and why?

Louise Chantál: I am, by far, a lot more interested in my singing career than my modeling career. I initially only entered the modeling world because many people urged me to take advantage of all opportunities to gain exposure. Simultaneously, modeling helped with my development and brand as an artist. I am very grateful to the people who have shared their knowledge with me about the art of photography, fashion, creative direction, hair, and makeup, because those are all industries that have helped to shape the statuses of many icons in the music industry today. Nevertheless, I began promoting myself as an independent artist around the age of 12. Six years later, as I anticipate the release of my upcoming EP, Aranbi, music is still my number one priority and focus.

Chlea: Now we must talk hair! We all love your hair and hair color; it looks great with your skin complexion. But how do you keep your hair from becoming damaged due to coloring it because your hair looks absolutely flawless and healthy over here.

Louise Chantál: Thank you so much! To be completely honest, I keep my NATURAL hair healthy by wearing wigs!
I know my Aranbians will be gagging as they read this because they DM me all the time on Instagram asking the same questions and every time I reveal that it is an 100% lace wig, they are in complete shock. I feel no need to hide my love for wigs and weaves because it doesn’t conflict with the love I have for my natural hair length or texture, and it doesn’t degrade my authenticity as a person. I simply embrace hair and versatility!


Chlea: I’m totally obsessed with pink too! Lol. You should see my Tumblr, smh.. When did this fixation first begin with you?

Louise Chantál: I actually had no fixation at all with the color pink, as a child or teenager. Most of my family and friends that know me from birth probably would probably say blue, or indigo is my favorite color.
However, as I began to discover my worth as a woman of color, I then fell in love with pink and all that it represents, whether it be embracing your femininity, or putting up the most vigorous fight against breast cancer.

Chlea: We all know you’re the ‘Prince$$ of Aranbi’, but what or where is it and how can we and your supporters become a part of the movement? We want parts!

Louise Chantál: Aranbi is a world, run by women, that I created in my head during the writing process of my upcoming EP. Syience, the executive producer of my EP, identified Aranbi, as an actual place, while we were recording my upcoming single, Genuflect. My songwriting style is extremely cinematic; it’s all about the visuals I see in my head so after Sy(Syience) named the world it really began to come together.

Through Aranbi, I am seeking to “be the change, I’d like to see,” by creating a platform to empower all women, especially women of color, by highlighting self worth, beauty, and success. Aranbi’s biggest mission is equal representation for women of color in the media.

I have so much in store for the people that want to know more about Aranbi, and I must say THANK YOU, to my Aranbians, for all of the support I’ve received thus far via the @WelcomeToAranbi Instagram page because it lets me know that I am dedicating my time and energy to great cause.


Chlea: Who or what inspires your fashion sense?

Louise Chantál: My style is elegant, sexy, sophisticated, and risqué all in one. I LOVE heels. I really only need three pairs of heels to survive; one black, one nude, and one white. It’s hard to say that I’m inspired by one person or one era because I feel as though fashion is inspired by life and styles are recycled. I could be inspired by my tumblr one day, a guy walking down the street in new york city the next day, and my grandma’s church attire the day after.

Chlea: Your style is impeccable, where are your favorite places to shop?

Louise Chantál: Thank you so much! My stylist David Mansion is the genius behind all of my looks so I will definitely tell him that you said that! I get a lot of my staple pieces from Zara and H&M, but other than that I often wear clothing from brands I’ve collaborated with, such as Live 9 Apparel, and now that I’m getting ready to do a lot of press and performances most of my clothing is being custom made.

Chlea: What was your journey like falling into your modeling career?

Louise Chantál: I feel as though my journey with modeling is just beginning. I haven’t done even half as much as I plan on doing with modeling, and music as well. In my opinion, obtaining any amount of success in any industry requires an uphill battle, but I am extremely hardworking and determined so I look forwarding to building character as I face adversity.


Chlea: You come across as very confident with your body, have you always been this way? If not what helped you get to that place.

Louise Chantál: I think most people can name something that they’d like to change about themselves physically, whether it be bigger boobs, a smaller waist, or bigger butt. But as a young girl, I remember listening to India Arie and Alicia Keys, and they helped me to see and know that my worth transcended my outer appearance. Those are just two of the women that reminded me that I was more than my hair, my body, my lips, etc. Those women helped me to embrace who I am, what my body looks like, and what my body contains, which is far more valuable and powerful that my body itself. I don’t allow anyone to tell me what I should and should not do with my body because that is all a mind game to uphold a flawed patriarchal system. I encourage all people, women especially, to be full in control of their body, spirit, and mind.


Chlea: Your sex appeal is off the chain. Talk about not even trying! What I love most about your modeling ability is that you are overly sexy and playful at the same time. Was it complicated to master this craft or do you just got it like that and it comes natural? Lol.

Louise Chantál: Thank you so much! I feel as though my sexual energy has always been powerful, independent of beauty, and that is what translates onto a camera. I think the fact that I am still in my teens is really what preserves the youthful energy and vibe that people get from my photos. It’s because I REALLY am young and touch with my sexuality.

Chlea: Tell us more about your music…. You said that we can look forward to music in May.. What can you tell us about it?

Louise Chantál: In May, I plan on releasing a single for FREE off of my upcoming EP, Aranbi. I’ll be sharing an exact date via social media very soon! On the full EP you can expect to hear production from the amazing: Syience, Snagz, Ken Will, J Soundz, Allyson Wonderland, and Sage White. I am very eager to share my experiences and a small portion of Aranbi with everyone. I’m extremely to show people what we’ve created.


Chlea: Do you write your own music and what inspires or influences your music?

Louise Chantál: All of the songs on my Aranbi EP were written by me. Lyrically, I am inspired by my personal experiences, the visuals I see in my head, and every song that has touched my soul. The stories on the EP will be tangible for some and intangible for others, but everyone can relate to the emotions that I am venting through my music.

Chlea: Anything else that you would like to add?

Louise Chantál: If you’re looking to keep up to date on my releases, please follow me on instagram, twitter, and tumblr @imLouiseChantal.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story!

Louise Chantál


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