Stay In Receiving Mode To Stay Receiving



“Just remember that anytime you have a negative emotion, you are, in that moment not letting it in. You are not in the receiving mode. And do you know, your not being in the receiving mode is the only thing that ever keeps you from anything you desire?

‘Wow!’ Annette exclaimed, ‘that’s big!’

“Yes it is, Annette. It can be of value to pay attention to those wonderful signals that negative emotion offers.

“In other words, when you feel negative emotion, just stop and slowly say to yourself, ‘I’m doing it now. Right now, I’m doing that thing that I sometimes do that keeps me from receiving the things I desire.’

“Then laugh, and reach for thoughts that put you more in the receiving mode.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks from Sara, Book 3: A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words!

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