Echo Fridays | Quote Of The Week


“Just remember that only your impact and influence are eternal.” – Tim Denny


Amen to that! The one and only thing that is guaranteed in life is that we are all going to die. That is really honestly the one and only thing. So don’t ever be afraid of it. Instead use it as a motivator to live out your truth. Money is great and essential to live in many different lifestyles however you can’t take it with you. Do you just want to be remembered by your attendees at your funereal for just ‘having a lot of money’? I don’t, that’s wack! Instead think about what kind of impact and influence do you want to leave on the earth, no matter how small. It could be just be giving exceptionally fantastic manicures and full sets at a nail salon or it could be doing sign language translation for children.

“Your actions are essentially what will live on after you pass. If you do what you love, the money will come and your influence and impact will ultimately surpass your death.”  – Chlea London

Something to think about over the weekend…

❤ CL

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