The Smartest Way To Follow Your Dreams & Goals


“You must start viewing your skills and experiences as bankable, valuable resources worth paying for.” – Daniel DiPiazza

Now isn’t that the truth. If we want ultimate happiness and to live the life we dream this quote applies to all of us. One of the best pieces of advise my father ever gave to me was “One of the worst things in life is having a job that you hate and going to it 5 days a week or more just for a check. Don’t do that.” Ughh yuck, I cringe just thinking about it.

To escape a life like that one must start doing the above quote and then monetizing off that skill and/or experience. If you enjoy baking  and always kind of had a knack for it, start selling some of your delicious treats at your 9-5 to bring in some extra cash flow. It’s getting the word out like “Hey guys!! Yeah, I actually have a real talent besides answering phones in my cubical.” You never know what could come of you just humbling yourself and just doing it. You might end up baking treats for the entire company or for private events. I smell money and it smells good. The money gon’ come for sure and you’ll be able to quite your day job when the time is right.


“Sell yourself first, if you want to sell anything.” – Burt Lancaster




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