11 Keys Daymond John Gave To Us For Free at the Breakfast Club


Didn’t have time to sit and watch the 23 minutes and 44 seconds of greatness on the Breakfast Club today? It’s okay.. I gotchu’ covered.lol. I’ve taken the liberty to help you out and write out entrepreneur and business model Daymond John’s 11 Major Keys!! Dj Khaled would be proud of you! And don’t worry I have the video below as well. lol.

1. When you think like your broke that’s how you think and maintain your status
2. Don’t make any type of excuses
3. Forbes top 1,000 wealthiest people in the world are self-made..which means they were broke

4. He shared a great inspiring story

He met a guy who has 100k followers on Instagram who time lapses himself painting a white shirt every Monday and tells his followers that they have 24 hours to buy the shirt, which is $50. Whoever likes the shirt, prepays for it, he then takes their money and a white shirt to the screen printer and puts the image on the shirt and then mails out the shirts by the end of the week. This person has made 1.2 million dollars this year.

5. Two types of millenniums

– People who expect everything to be handed to them

– People that are aggressive and that are going to change this world


6. Learn and Do The Basic Fundamentals

-Wake up before everybody
-Go to sleep after everybody
-Surround yourself with likeminded people
-Do your homework and understand your gonna fail a little bit

7. People care more about product than the person
8. Smartphones can empower people
9. We live in a visual world
10. You have to put in the time and the hustle

11. Activate the power of broke

He even gives Kanye West advice on his fashion business that he has been embarking on in the video below… I’m gonna use it for myself… Eff what Kanye been doing, I’ll pass on the 30+ million dollars in debt.lol.

Watch Video Below

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