[INTERVIEW] Designer Adriana Sahar; From Working for Michael Costello to Working For Herself


 Straight from LA, born and raised Adriana Sahar came to slay!! She began designing when she was only 13 years old and she is a force. She is apart of what the future. Adriana is here to remind us, to never give up & hard work does pay off. We all can and will be anything.


Twitter: @adrianasahar

Instagram: @adrianasahar & @ShopAdrianaSahar15

Website: http://adrianasahar.com/

Adriana Meiri or Adriana Sahar… Who is she and what name do you prefer…

Adriana is my real name,  Sahar is my middle name, my kid name, the name I grew up on. No one ever called me Adriana but my teachers and even then I would tell them to just call me Sahar. When I got into college that’s when I started using Adriana more frequently, my professors all knew me as Adriana and some students too. I was just so over changing it. Right now I’m at a stage in my life where half the people I know cal me Adriana and the other half call me Sahar and it’s cool I love it but at the end of the day I am both.

You’re exotically beautiful? What’s your ethnicity? Do you believe that what you are has influenced any part of your work? How do your parents feel with your decision to make this your career?

Thank you : ), My mom is Persian and my dad is Israeli, so I’m Persian Israeli but was born and raised in LA. which is pretty cool to me. I definitely do believe my sex appeal and my Israeli side has everything to do with everything i design and make. my parents fully support me 100% my mom is like my biggest fan and life would be so hard with out them.

“…this job isn’t easy, some days i cry and some days I cry tears of joy. this is the type of job where you have to be dedicated 100% and never look back.”


What’s something about you that your followers would be surprised to know?

That this job isn’t easy, some days I cry and some days I cry tears of joy. this is the type of job where you have to be dedicated 100% and never look back. I only decided that half way through college when I was so stressed out and kept thinking I should just drop out right now…luckily i didn’t and graduated which is super dope since I never graduated high school. but i guess what I’m trying to say is, if you love something deeply and you know you can conquer it’s obstacles do it and don’t look back believe yourself every step of the way or else no one will.

How did you know the fashion design was your calling? Was this something you went to school for?

haha, the first time I ever sewed anything I was 12, my mom bought me my first sewing machine, after that I always took art classes and made cool pins that I sold in middle school, I was an entrepreneur way back then I think I was 13 years old. In high school I had a love for graphic design I was always in advanced art classes and graphics, unfortunately I never got to graduate high school but i did attend college in downtown LA at FIDM where I graduated in 2012 with a major in Fashion Design.

What inspires your designs?

I would have to say my biggest inspiration comes from  music, feelings and fabrics.

Music is one of my biggest inspirations. It’s hard for me to work (cut & sew) with out music, I usually listen to Drake, Kanye, Party next door, any r&b. I usually listen by album and stories just flow out through the fabrics.

“…If you love something deeply and you know you can conquer its obstacles do it and don’t look back believe yourself…”


Adriana you literally have so much potential to take over the industry. You can tell how creative you are just by your photo shoot concepts and the patterns you work with. It seems like every design has a story, please share a story behind one of your favorite looks.

Thank you, I feel like that too and that’s all I want and work this hard for to just be GREAT.

Hmmm….my favorite looks right now have to be the mesh joggers..I just envisioned a bad ass bitch with a bull dog on a leash and the Yeezy knit boot/heels. It’s basically an outfit you can wear anywhere. from the gym to the club and all you have to do is style your hair and make up differently. That’s what I love about a lot of my clothing. It’s  accessible. Me and all my girls could be out and they would all barrow a piece from my clothing and well be out from day parties to night parties and when the night came we would just switch off outfits to make them more suitable for night time.

“…don’t give up on your dreams, or your goals don’t let anyone tell you what’s for you and whats not for you.”

Out of all your designs my favorite would have to be your robes!! They are so old Hollywood glamour mixed with the retro 70’s with the right amount of the present. What inspired you to create these?

At first I was inspired by Michael Costello, I worked for him for a bit and he made these kimonos for Lady Gaga and Jlo I mean his were exquisite, beaded, laced you name it. my job there didn’t work out so I started working out of my garage, I had all this chiffon fabric…loads and loads of it maybe 20 yards of different colors, I had purple, blue and this flowery fabric and I had a short kimono fabric and had my girl just help me cuts a bunch of layers, next thing I know this is what came  out of it.. then after I had all the left over scraps i just used them to make these wrap skirts, which were a hit.. people loved them. so yea after that I just started making a bunch of them, different fabrics, different cuts, different sleeves. another thing that inspired me and I love about the kimono is just not revealing to much at once, I could love sexy AF but where a kimono and it will tone down  my look, hide the back of my legs if I was wearing shorts or a mini skirt. I also love how they drape off shoulder the feeling is just nice and they make you feel beautiful. It will always be my favorite piece and a signature. These photos are back from October 2014

Anything else you would like to add….

I guess I would say don’t give up on your dreams, or your goals don’t let anyone tell you what’s for you and whats not for you. I have always lived my life by that saying “live everyday like it’s your last” I do what i love and i don’t let anyone put their two cents in it. a lot of times people have their own opinions on art or what you should “create” when they don’t know half the work that has to go into what their talking about and it might not even be possible to do. let the artist create.

p.s  I will be releasing a whole new fall collection in October be on the look out for that and get all my summer stuff before its gone.

nice chatting with you xoxo


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