Celebrating Life All Month of January


The month of January has been so good to me. No complaints, honestly. I celebrated 2 of my girls birthdays and we had so much fun!  The first Birthday Girl being my sweet friend Kellie. She’s the one in the sunglasses. My lil baby turned 27! Dinner was great. We ate at The World Famous House of Mac on Washington Ave! Delicious! Afterwards we turned a block into a party and blasted the music and danced in the street! It was awesome!!! Check out my homegirls Instagram @dayum_ginaa for a behind the scenes look at out Block Party! lol.IMG_4126

The 2nd Birthday Girl is my good friend Lubica who turned 25! Obviously she’s the one in the red below while all her friends wore white! We had so much fun too. We were on the boat for the day, just doing girl stuff. lol. Dancing, talking, playing games. They drank champagne and wine while I opted for Sprite. Not gonna lie, I was a little apprehensive about going, because you know when you go out with one of your friends and she invites all of her friends and you don’t know them, lol. That’s what happened. lol. But they were all super cool and we had an awesome time.


I’m super grateful for the women I have surrounded in my life. Everyone in my circle is my real friend and they riding for me and I’m riding for them. I’m blessed. I have finals this week. I took one yesterday, passed, only 3 wrong and I have one more this week. I’m gonna pass that one too! lol. I can’t wait to get get back to my regular life. Being an adult in school is LAME AF! lmao. I’m used to having more freedom. But guess what, it’s almost over:)

Anyways, you guys, it’s been real. Until my next reflection, see you guys on Instagram and Periscope 🙂

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