Open Letter to My Future Child


Dear Future Child,

Honestly little girl or boy I know we’ve spoke before and I already know you but the day I meet you, I will literally be the most happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I know I am going to enjoy carrying you in my belly so much <3. I’ll enjoy pregnancy so much that I’ll want to get pregnant again and again, lol.  Labor scares me a little bit but I know I’ll be fine. I know you’ll cry but baby girl or boy it’s all about communication. We have to figure out a language and we will<3. I’ll probably fall in love with your father all over again and if for some reason we aren’t speaking he’ll still be there in the delivery room the day of your birthday. I could never take that away from him no matter how upset I may or may not be with him. And honestly I could never take that away from you! You are OUR child, not just mines, not just his.


When you start middle school and really start beginning your little young adult life with your little issues, please remember I love you and I am here to help guild you. Let’s not make each other life too difficult, lol. Just communicate with myself, your father, your god mom, or my sister Nye with whatever is going on. We have been through it before. ❤ Please I beg you, don’t have sex with anyone you wouldn’t mind starting a family with because very time you fuck you are taking that risk. Even if you use protection! Think about your legacy little one. Your father and I have done all the hard stuff for you so that you can lead a better life than us<3


Please understand I am not perfect, no one is, and neither are you but we will be perfect for each other ❤ The amount of love, happiness, wealth, and support that’s going to be around you will be in so much abundance you will be so appreciative and full of Joy. I will always have your back ❤ and so will your daddy.

I could go on forever, but this is just my open letter to you. I love you so much ❤

Love Always,

Your Mother Ci

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