Be Valuable Not Worthless


February is coming to an end. I passed all my exams this month and next month I’ll be taking my State Board Exam. Am I worried? No. lol.

What have I learned this month?

Love is the most powerful thing known to man. When people love things hard they do the most interesting and questionable things. Currently I am in love with myself more than anything else in the entire world. Isn’t this how it should be? People that can’t match the love that you give to yourself, I don’t think deserve you.

People will try to take whats not rightfully theirs because they know its value and it’s easier for them to steal then to work hard for something.

To the person with the valued item, try to find the positive. It sucks someone’s trying to steal what’s rightfully yours but hey, at least you have a product worth stealing. It’s value is that high that they are willing  to risk it all for it. & let’s just be honest, good always prevails.

So I guess I could say this month, I learned a lot about value.

Peoples value, ideas value, products value, etc.

Last thing to be said, I’m valuable. Sometimes people can’t handle your value & that’s okay. It’s easier for them to handle trash because they can’t handle the pressure that comes along with handling the care of something so precious.

Let them play with trash, you’re in a different league.

xo, London


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