Trust & Have Faith in the Journey


Yesterday I was speaking to one of my homegirls who is a fellow beauty entrepreneur and she was confiding in me that she felt stuck and basically unfulfilled. 2 hours later on the phone after speaking to me, she did not feel the same. She was completely motivated and ready to take on the world.

I told her straight up.

Listen, you feel stuck because of fear. You be afraid to take leaps because you have a son and you feel like “what if” you are unable to provide or your plan doesn’t work.

Have faith young grasshopper.

The universe and God wants to give you your desires but they do want to know these two questions.

How bad do you really want it?

What are you willing to sacrifice for it?


She’s in the beginning stages of her entrepreneurial journey and this was my advice to her. She has already finished Makeup School.

  1. Take a temporary Pay Cut quit your current job, minimize your bills, and get a job in the beauty industry (Sephora, MAC Cosmetics, Ulta Beauty,etc.)
  2. Here you will meet potential clients that will take your word as BOND, introduce them to your other services such as fashion styling, and give them your business card for private makeup appointments, and you’ll have a discount on beauty products to get your materials and tools up!!
  3. Here is where you will be building long lasting business relationships where they will eventually become her customer and will buy from her boutique.
  4. She’s thinking of moving to Miami, which is a fantastic idea if you’re going to be in the Beauty Industry.
  5. Move to Miami and pass out your business cards for your beauty services to tourists. $20 a face. This is inexpensive, gets her experience up, puts money in her pocket, and adds to her portfolio. Women travel in groups.

    6 friends+$20 a face=$120 cash in 3 hrs

    Now we talking money and I have really grasped my friends attention.  She can charge what she want. But honestly, I think $20 a face is decent and profitable.

  6. Then just save her bread, keep investing in herself, networking, keep learning, and before she knows it she won’t even be doing makeup anymore and she’ll have her storefront boutique.

There are many ways to accomplish what my homegirl is trying to do but this is just the best way that I saw fit for her particular situation.

Have Faith & Believe ya’ll.

xo, London

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