Do material things feed your soul?


What good is having and receiving a whole bunch of nice and beautiful things from someone that you don’t really like. What would that say about that persons character?

Like seriously, the bags, the shoes, the cars, if you have to share it with someone who makes you miserable is it worth it? If every day they are pestering you about some bullshit, and lowering your vibrations, depleting your soul, is it worth it?

For some it is. I guess those would be the people that hold material manmade things on a pedestal. I like nice things but I also like my energy clean, purified, and fulfilled.

Not all money is good money and I rather try and keep my hands clean rather than dirty. Same with my heart.

I believe this topic we are speaking of has a lot to do with the reason some wealthy people choose to commit suicide. Some of the middle and lower class can’t understand why a person that has everything would want to do such a thing. They would want to do such a thing because although money is great it is not everything and greed feeds no ones soul. They long for a place of ingenuity and authenticity within themselves and others.

You gotta get right within ❤

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