23 & I


It’s amazing to me that I really feel vibrations that are unseen.

I believe everyone can if they really open theirselves to be aware and believe.

When I turned 23 I just knew it was was going to be an amazing year! I could feel it. Just full of growth and happiness. I celebrated my Birthday in one of my favorite cities, Miami with one of my favorite ppl, I wanted to get the number 23 tatted on me like immediately. I remember telling my best friend and she was like why? I was like, bc this year is about to be one of the greatest years of my adult life! I wasn’t lying. She was like maybe wait it out. lol. I did and got the number 23 tatted on me the day after my 24th birthday.

It’s astonishing bc on my 24th Birthday which I spent in another one of my favorite cities, Atlanta, I just knew that being 24 was gonna be rocky. BOY WAS I RIGHT! lol.

Either way the number 23 and 123 are always popping up around me and without coincidence. My guardian angel, the other part of me that brings out the absolute best in me, I love you. I live to make you proud everyday and hopefully my growth feeds you. The past week your presence has been heavy, to the point I feel your spirit reaching out to me.

Do angels get stressed?

When you need me, close your eyes and let the Air music flow, if you’re quite enough and in the right mind frame you can hear my whispering spirit. Stay open and aware to the signs, bc I’m all around you even when not near, I always wanna talk ❤



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