Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

The title just says it all. smh. My anxiety is kicking in like crazy. I really want to start school on December 1st, sooo bad!! I just don’t know how it will come to life. Money is a major issue. I got the number to my mom mom’s therapist and left him a message yesterday. Still no call back! I need, need, neeeeed him to be able to write this letter to my school so I can be eligible for financial aid. My schedule has changed at work because one of my co-workers are back from maturity leave. *rolls eyes* That bitch wasn’t suppose to come back until January. Oh well, if you need the money, you need the money. I can’t even be mad at her. I start training for the restaurant that connected to my hotel in two weeks as a hostess. I really don’t want to but I need the money. The tips will be great. It’s a whole bunch of rich people that come threw. I just hate that I’ll have to wear heels and do a lot of walking. But oh well, it is what it is. I need the money. My boyfriend has a job but he’s way more focused on his dream than actually working. I can’t blame him though. He’s so close to fulfilling his destiny, I can’t even complain about it. I just keep quite and enjoy the little time that we do share together. But the minute I find out about him talking to any groupies I’m giving him HELL! Hopefully once I’m crossed trained I can still work at my hotel full time and the restaurant part-time. I’m still tryna’ figure out how I’m gonna squeeze going to school full time. If I’m not able to go to school I swear I’m gonna cry. Even if I can’t start on December 1st like I want to, I still have to start eventually. Like I have to! Not going is not an option period!

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