[Interview] International Model Jilah Amini


International Model Jilah Amini is defiantly determined to keep pushing for the stars. It’s nothing I love more than a beautiful woman who’s about her business and that’s exactly what Jilah Amini embodies. It’s hard to believe that this beauty’s body is 100% natural! Yes her boobs are real! No Push up (well maybe sometimes) lol. Born in Iran but resides in Australia, this young lady’s style is not one to mess with. She wears nothing but the best and does it so effortlessly. I’d be stupid not to interview her on her beauty and style.

Instagram: @jilahaminii
Twitter: @jilahaminii

Chlea: If you were any food to describe your personality what would you be and why?

Jilah: Hm… I think I’d be a passion fruit. Firstly because its one of my favourite fruits but also because its hard on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside a little like me hehe

Chlea: You are so freakin’ gorgeous! What is your ethnicity/race?

Jilah: Aww why thank you. I’m Kurdish born in Iran (Middle-eastern).

Chlea: What is it like growing up in Australia? I always told myself if I ever relocated there I’d get a pet kangaroo… Is that even a good idea? Lol.

Jilah: Hm… I don’t suggest it haha they can be quite aggressive from what I hear.

Jilah: I love Australia. There’s something about Australian hospitality that everyone loves. The weather may have something to do with it as its always sunny here. Lucky to be living in An amazing Multicultural country

Chlea: You are defiantly well travelled, where has been your favourite place that you have visited and what’s on your bucket list to travel to next?

Jilah: I fly frequently to Los Angeles so I’ll have to pick La. The food, fashion and did I mention the food? In ‘N’outs my favorite.
I’d love to visit Dubai. Always wanted to go there, I hear great stories. Also would love to check out New York City I hear it’s amazing, as well as Maldives.


Chlea: What beauty product can you not leave the house with?

Jilah: Mascara! I love it with or without makeup. Also a good lip balm is always handy to carry around with you. Pretty sure I have about six different types in my bag that I’ve never used.

Chlea: I love your hair and its length. What do you do to keep it growing so long and healthy?

Jilah: Thank you. I very rarely color it or use a lot of products, I like to get my hair trimmed every 6-9 weeks as well as using my own natural treatments (coconut oil) as a treatment mask.

Chlea: Tell us more about your relationship with Bellami Hair

Jilah: Ahhhh where would I be without my Bellami hair. I was always on the hunt for quality hair extensions, only didn’t want to always buy 2-3 packets and a salon price tag. This is where I found out about Bellami Hair, wasn’t long till I saw every beauty & fashion blogger and celeb donning the luxurious line of hair extensions so of course I had to join the club and try them out. I’m in love!!! Can’t live without them.


Chlea: Your style is amazing how do you choose what to put together each day?

Jilah: Thank you. I have staple items in my closet such as leather pants, a tailored blazer, a mean biker leather jacket, white, grey and black jeans and basic tees I live in them, everything else is a change of accessories I’m actually very simple in the way I dress. Once you have key pieces you’ll find experimenting with fashion a whole lot easier. I’m a jeans, Tee-shirt, heels, kinda girl. I always say “It’s not what you have, it what you do with what you have that counts”. Experiment with clothes in your closet, you never know what you might be about to come up with a bit of creativity. Be different.

Chlea: Gucci pumps or Charlotte Olympia pumps… Which kind of girl are you?

Jilah: Girllllllllll Gucci all the way.


Chlea: What makes your love for modelling so strong?

Jilah: I have experienced a lot of bullying growing up from having dark skin dark hair etc. I think modelling for me is a great platform to show you can be beautiful in your own skin no matter where you come from or what you look like. We are all beautiful.

Chlea: Congratulations on your spread in Maxim!! What was your experience like shooting for them?

Jilah: Thank you. It was great I shot with International Photographer Darren CentoFanti, who’s always fun to work with. I’ve worked with him before; his work is incredible so I knew I was safe in his hands. The team at Maxim India were great. Awesome to be able to be featured in an iconic mag.


Chlea: Does your family support your modelling career? If there was a point when they didn’t or if they don’t, what advise can you give other models that have struggled with the same issue?

Jilah: I think we all struggle with our family when we mention the words “I want to be a model”. There are all sorts of modelling jobs. I think coming from a strict Middle-Eastern background my family probably weren’t too pleased at first, however I come from a small town and once they saw my pics on shopfront windows and in mags and online I stared to see a lot of support which meant the world to me. If like me you come from a strict background and want to take this seriously. I suggest you have a strong back bone and make sure that you do you’re research and have a back-up plan and explain the role you are playing as a model to your family, not all modelling has to be in lingerie or nude.

Chlea: What adversities have you faced during your modelling career?

Jilah: Luckily I haven’t experienced too many, however I have experienced racism & bullying.
Sadly it still happens so you have to have a strong back bone, be prepared to see and hear it all. My suggestion is “Hear but don’t listen”.


Chlea: Your body is 100% natural, how do you feel living in an era where there is so much plastic?

Jilah: I think there is a lot of pressure as it becomes more common every day and at how easy it is to fix you’re flaws in order to make money.

I have no problem with plastic surgery if it makes you feel better than I’m all for it, however Id like to think I’m a great role model for all the women out there who feel like they need to change theyre flaws in order to fit in, Or feel down because they don’t look like the girl in the magazeine, trust me not even that girl in the mag looks like the girl in the mag. you are all beautiful in youre own way and shouldn’t feel the need to change anything about yourself in order to fit in just because it is becoming more common in today’s society. Be different & stand out it leaves a longer lasting impression.

Chlea: What advice can you give to aspiring models?

Jilah: Don’t take the industry seriously have fun and be different and never give up.

Chlea: Can you give us any exclusive insiders on what you will be working on next?

Jilah: Can’t tell you all my secrets now can I? I’m featured in Maxim India 2015 Calender in next months issue.
Have some awesome projects coming up that I’ve been working on.
2015 will be amazing for me, I get to do what I love most and that’s travelling so I have a lot more international work which is exciting.


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