[Watch Video] DROPPIN’ GEMS | Open Your Own Doors When No Doors Are Opening For You


Within the first minute of Kylie Jenner’s interview with Mrs. Rodial, she drops 1 major gem. Everything else is just random beauty answers besides when Mrs. Rodial asked Kylie how she decides to choose her lipstick colors.

“Every time I would release what lip liner I was using it completely sold out everywhere and I couldn’t ever get my own lip color, so I just decided to take matters into my own hands, and it’s become a really big passion of mine”


What can we learn from this quote…

For starters Kylie was shut down. She is implying that she tried to get a lip deal with a cosmetic brand and it just wasn’t working. Rich people problems .lol.  Someone who we may feel should be able to get a MAC contract with no problem. But did that stop her? Nope! She got with the plan and said, “You know what,if they won’t open the door for me then I’ll open my own door.” Yassss!! Kylie better do that. We can all take a lesson from her experience and learn to just make our own doors. Shesh, open them doors even if they are opening up doors for you.

p.s. I can even be honest and say that, I am guilty of going to the MAC store like, “I’m looking for a lip color similar to Kylie Jenner’s.” and guess what? I bought it! lol.




Watch Video



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